This the third page (and final page) of a little photo-comic about the Heavy Metal crew at San Diego Comic-Con. Their adventures at SDCC have become a staple over the past few years, but this is the first time that they actually went out of their way to make an actual comic out of the photo spread. It’s not bad.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 55 Heavy Metal at San Diego Comic-Con)

This is easily the most interesting page layout in this particular story. I really like how the holes in the wall that Vlad is leaning against become the subsequent panels in the story. Even better, the third panel down is a long shot of Vlad leaning against the wall again, which is nicely meta.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 31 Magika #3 by Tacito, Angleraud, and Guenet)

This whole story is really good – about Joe trying to find illicit tobacco products and being dogged by a robot trying to remind him about his overdue bills. I particularly like that the company Joe owes money to is Verizon and they’re willing to go to such lengths over seven dollars.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 20 Joe in the Future: Reminder Droid by Weisfeld/Koch and Von Eeden)

Dossier has been publishing a sidebar for some time now, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it labelled as the “Department of Cool Stuff, Inc” which is pretty much the point of Dossier as a whole. Or at least it used to be, back in the day.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 17 Dossier by Ringgenberg)

This is pretty typical of bad Photoshop work from the mid-2000s. The text about the artist is pretty interesting as well, mostly because of how much it leans into the “sexy Asian women” stereotypes.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 11 Gallery on Spollen)

This episode is about a giant painting of a plinth that looks exactly like an erection. I went with the text instead of the image because it’s just so evocative and funny.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 9 Galactic Geographic by Kofoed)

The second letter asks if Aeon Flux was ever published in Heavy Metal. Having read every issue to date, I can authoritatively answer “no,” something that the editor can only sort of do.

(Heavy Metal Issue #228, January 2007 – Page 6 Publisher’s Note)