This is a great example of why word balloons and caption boxes should not be transparent or non-existant. It seems like a daring artistic choice, but it makes the reader have to work extra hard to read the words. More than likely, the reader is just going to skip over the story.

(Heavy Metal Issue #230, May 2007 – Page 29 Like A Machine by Sharam and Gregory)

It’s interesting that the interview basically asks the same question twice in a row. I did learn from this that the interviewee was divorced from Dave Stevens. That was interesting.

(Heavy Metal Issue #230, May 2007 – Page 16 Dossier by Ringgenberg)

I really like the box at the bottom where the person making the order signs to certify that they are, in fact, over 21 years of age. I’m not sure why the age is 21 and 18 (the age when most people are allowed to purchase porn), but sure.

(Heavy Metal Genesis Special, Spring 2007 – Page 78 SQP Order Form)

The story so far: the small metallic cat has observed these two people stealing from the body of it’s owner. So it tracks them down and attacks them in bed.

(Heavy Metal Genesis Special, Spring 2007 – Page 61 Metallia and the Miserables by Royo)

The twist ending of this story is that an actual mass murderer was invited to the cocktail party. The best part of the panel that takes up the bottom half of the page is the cat just relaxing in the middle of the pile of corpses.

(Heavy Metal Genesis Special, Spring 2007 – Page 49 The Guest of Honor by Studio Escletxa)