Today we pause for a quick introduction. My name is RM Rhodes. I started rereading my father’s Heavy Metal collection (that’s him at the top) in 2011. Somewhere in the mid-90s, his collection ended and mine picked up. I now have a complete run and I plan to read and post until I get there. At the current rate, it should take about four more years.

The format is locked and loaded and will not change – I read an issue, scan twelve pages, and post them, one a day with commentary. This blog used to be on Tumblr, but moved when the posts started getting flagged as adult material. So it goes.

Over the years, I’ve written a number of articles on Heavy Metal. I recently discovered that there was another article written about this blog from 2016. If you see any others, send them in my direction.

Inheritance: Of Shelving, Family History & Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Magazine: Looking Back on “Phase One”

Screaming At Heavy Metal

The Year of Ted White

That Time When Heavy Metal Went Quarterly

Heavy Metal Magazine is Not Punk

Sex, Violence, Druuna

And Then Heavy Metal was Bought by Kevin Eastman

National Lampoon Presents

Heavy Metal Cover Price Over Time

23 Movie Ads from Heavy Metal

Other material that I’ve written

I also have a Patreon

Thank you for your patience. Normal posting resumes tomorrow

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