This page, with all of the transformed demons complaining about their current forms, is just hilarious. It’s a good story all around, but I really liked this part the best.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 126 Familiaris by Reppion, Hitchcock, Soffe and Bowland)

This page feels like it was cut from a textbook for how to make a country more conservative. Very, very of the moment – right down to the Trump references on the wall.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 120 Americon Dreamin’ by Duvall, Singh, Docolomansky and Fela)

I have to be honest – if I saw this place on the edge of town, I would not go in nor would I ask them to do my tattoos. That looks like bad news all around. It’s not immediately obvious from the artwork, but the tattoos the kid wants to get match up with the tattoos on the guy with the hood over his head.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 109 See What Thou Wilt by Strahm, Mitchell, Smith and Crank!)

This is a weird story that starts with this interaction. I’ve never heard of a person with a tattoo getting sued for intellectual property violations before – that would apply to at least half of the tattoos on my body. But sure. Later in the story, the man’s upper torso is peeled off and turned into a jacket worn by a multi-millionaire. Which absolutely sounds like something a millionaire would do. The supernatural elements of the story don’t really fit neatly into the rest of the story, though.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 98 Redemption and the Cicatrix by Baillie and Boyle)

I suspect very heavily that the sentiment in the last panel was very close to Corben’s real feelings. He was almost 80 when he wrote this and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to find a connection between him and modern incels.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 82 Murky World by Corben)

A couple of things to note here. First, one of the writers is David Arquette. Second, this page is basically a rip-off of the The Last Seduction. It doesn’t go so well for the woman who instigated the seduction, but it’s pretty obvious. Also, they keep using flashbacks in the story, but it doesn’t really add up the way they want it to, which is too bad.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 58 The Highwayman by Dorfman, Arquette, Armintano, Rauch and Wollet)

Yet another story written by the new CEO. This one goes all over the place, which gives the impression that he’s building foundations, but the pieces don’t really hang together very well. I did like the dinosaurs joke in the penultimate panel, though.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 54 Dogma Resistance by Medney, Rosenblum, Fung, Valenza, Bownz and Wollet)

The high concept here is that this woman can take one’s sins through the power of tattooing. This page has the punchline where a former customer comes back, but he’s almost out of skin. To which I say: why not tattoo over the old, faded tattoos?

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 39 Confess by Momoko)

In the interview that accompanies the gallery, this creator talks about how it’s important for the work to feel grounded in reality. This image really does that – there are lots of little details that bring the whole thing to life.

(Heavy Metal #299 2020 – Page 32 Gallery on Murray)