This is a great premise, which is pretty on-brand for Jodorowsky. Ladronn looks like he got his style from Boucq, who Jodorowsky also worked with on more than one occasion.

On this page, I really liked the before and after break, showing how much the family exploited the pain and suffering of that little boy. It doesn’t get better for the family from this point, though.

(Heavy Metal #238, November 2008 – Page 59 Tears of Gold by Jodorowsky and Ladronn)

In addition to the article about King Kong, the other half of the Dossier section talks about Doc Savage. Unfortunately, the Doc Savage bit is far less visually interesting. At least here we get to see some art.

(Heavy Metal #238, November 2008 – Page 28 Dossier by Ringgenberg)

It’s fascinating to me how Heavy Metal continues to put out information about media deals that haven’t actually been finalized. The one mentioned here, about a comic series from IDW, didn’t make it to print until 2012.

(Heavy Metal #238, November 2008 – Page 10 Gallery on Bisley)

Some interesting items of note in the Letters here. Beyond the news about films that still haven’t been made, we also get the information that Kevin Eastman sold all of his interest in TMNT after the 2007 film.

(Heavy Metal #238, November 2008 – Page 6 Publisher’s Note)

It’s hard to tell from the scan, but this page was still attached to the opposite page at the top, one of the most obvious printing errors I’ve seen in this publication. Also, note the text in the first panel on this page. I would argue that the text in the middle of the panel should be swapped with the text in the right side of the page.

(Heavy Metal Fall, Eerie Special 2008 – Page 106 Mardi Gras #2: The Telescope of Charon by Liberge)