This whole story reads like a generic softcore porn story from the mid-70s, but this page especially drives home that impression.

(Heavy Metal issue #219, May 2005 – Page 79 The Depths of Gnar by Kraus)

This page is very clearly laid out. One of the ways you can tell is that if you took the word balloons out, you’d still be able to tell what’s going on. And that tall, thin, pale man in the middle tier looks an awful lot like Dream.

(Heavy Metal issue #219, May 2005 – Page 46 Felicidad: Cloud by Mosdi and Froissard)

This giant pin up page is one of the pieces that is often used to demonstrate how awesome a creator Suydam is. I’m not saying that the artwork is bad, but it’s very static. And it becomes very clear why he keeps showing up in the pages of Heavy Metal.

(Heavy Metal issue #219, May 2005 – Page 22 Mudwogs by Suydam)

I really like the format in the first panel – introductions of various characters. Even better is the subversion of the format in the second panel, with the inclusion of an obvious alien. The rest of the story wasn’t all that great, but I liked this page a lot.

(Heavy Metal issue #219, May 2005 – Page 31 The Winchester Club by Lebetkin and Bamforth)