Tell me that you don’t trust your audience without telling me you don’t trust your audience. Seriously: who thought it was important to clarify that it was a wordless comic? It’s a visual medium. Even the most uneducated readers can see that there are no words in the comic. Aside from that, it’s a great comic and the layout/fine line art style owe a debt to Guido Crepax.

(Heavy Metal #281 2016 – Page 62 Zentropa by Mahoney)

Most of the story is just the first two panels repeated, with the only change being the shadows and light on the wall and bed. The last two panels here are the departure that make the story work.

(Heavy Metal #281 2016 – Page 27 Luv U by Roggenbau and Delpeche)

A few things worth noting here. It’s pretty obvious that white text over a complex pattern isn’t the best design choice. It’s also obvious that whoever is doing the layout hasn’t been told about the margins necessary to make sure the text doesn’t disappear into the crease created by the binding process. As for the content, it’s clear that Morrison is having a great time spewing out whatever nonsense comes to mind. But for all of that creativity, he somehow comes back to exactly the same challenge that Kevin Eastman had for years – how to make a list of what stories are in the issue sound interesting?

(Heavy Metal #281 2016 – Page 5 Sex in the Summertime by Morrison)